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Select one of the menu on the left of the screen to enter the respective pages. Those controls appear on every site page. There you can find the following information:


To read the letter of the President with a short presentation of CERLIANI and its history .


To know and contact the person in charge at CERLIANI.

Where we are located

To know where CERLIANI is located and how to reach it.  


To enter the complete catalogue of CERLIANI products and search for the article of your interest.


To learn which new products have been added recently to the CERLIANI catalogue.  

Technical sheets

To consult the technical sheets describing use and maintenance of the products, the specifications of their  different executions and some CERLIANI patents.  

Job offers

To consult the job offers of CERLIANI and send your curriculum vitae.

Terms of sale and warranty

To consult and download the “General Conditions of Sale and Delivery” and the  “Terms of Warranty” of  CERLIANI.

Shopping Cart

To access your Shopping Cart  in which you introduced or want to introduce Messages, Inquiries, Orders or to make Payments on-line with credit card. IMPORTANT: remember, that once you have filled up the cart, it is necessary to call it up and to send it with the proper command, otherwise the request will not be transmitted.


NOTE: also for the orders no prices are shown, however valid is the price list in force and the price will be confirmed only by the “Confirmation of order” of CERLIANI.


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Login and Password

If you are regular CERLIANI customers, ask the Marketing Department for the Login ed the Password and register at every connection. This way you will have access to additional and confidential functions and information. But attention: the information cannot be disclosed without written approval of CERLIANI.


We would be grateful, if you inform us about mistakes and incongruities of the information quoted on the Homepage and would give us suggestions how to enlarge or improve the site and the supplied service.