We are honoured to welcome you on our Website and briefly introduce ourselves:
In 1932 Mr. Maurizio Cerliani founded the Costruzioni Meccaniche Cerliani S.p.A. inPavia ( Italy ) for the production of the CM® brandedhooks and bobbin cases for domestic, industrial and embroidery sewing machines. A pioneer in the branch, he first and his descendents afterwards, improved their way of production through design and realization of many special machine tools. Still today, the members of the family continue his work with the same passion and dedication, using along with the specialization and experience acquired in more than 80 years, today’s best manufacturing technologies. The great number of CM® patents prove creativity, know-how and continuing growth through the years. The Pavia factory manufactures a wide gamut of hooks and bobbin cases, that are exported world-wide, either through distribution channelsof the spare parts suppliers, or directly to the sewing machines manufacturers, both with constant regularity and long tradition to most European and American companies as well to the best Asiatic ones of more recent acquisition. The winning factor for CM® is however always the client’s satisfaction of the acquired product and the services offered. In these 80 years the CM® brand has always signified “precision and guarantee of high quality” thanks to the commitment of the owners, who pay the utmost attention and care to have always available:

  • a highly specialized and motivated technical staff in constant development

  • constant updating and modernization of the design and production technologies

  • continuous research of new materials and special treatments (thermal treatments, coatings, etc.)

  • exclusive choice of raw materials of first and certified quality

  • particular attention to the ecological issues, in full respect and protection of the environment

  • constant Quality Control during all the single production phases and all company processes

  • a marketing office in constant contact with customer and always available to find solutions to each problem

  • a technical office always available for customer service to technicians and mechanics in the field, as well as to
    factories of sewing machines in order to improve their products and develop new ones

  • a business philosophy, shared by all personnel and collaborators: that every relationship has to be founded on the respect of the person, be it customer, supplier or fellow worker

The result of this deployment of forces and their interlinking since the beginnings is a high quality product that guarantees a long service life and assures the utmost quality of the stitching of the sewing machine.

Rightly our slogan is:


We thank you for your interest and would be happy to serve you in the future.
Alberto Cerliani

- President - Pavia 30/09/2012